Dear Friends,

Thank you for stopping by. We are the McDougals…yes three of our 4 children are diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. We launched this website over 4 years ago to sell CDs here to help raise money to build a special allergen free house for our kids. It has been miraculous and life changing! We have sold some CDs…given away CDs…have had donations of money, materials and services. The house is so close to being finished. It has been so incredible to see such an out pour of love and support.

Because of what God has done in our lives through this project, we are now out in full time music ministry. Simply going and telling of His Love and mercy through it all. At times we have seen a dramatic difference in the children’s health since moving out of the rental homes that we lived in but other times we are still having quite a struggle. We are still needing to finish this and hope to have a safe place for our children to rest. But we have learned to at least try to work in God’s timing not our own.

This endeavor has taken up alot of time and energy. At times we have lost sight of the fact that we still have to live each day and enjoy the ‘now’ with our children. Ironic but true. We really appreciate you for being here and we would love for you to buy our CDs and get to enjoy the music. We’ll get those orders out asap! But please forgive us for the sign on the door that says…’Be back in a while’ Our children are still young and so we are going to be sure to soak up this time with our children while we still can!

Thanks and God Bless!

Please contact us to schedule a time that we can come to your church to sing and share our testimony of God’s mercy in our lives.
(615) 668-3908